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February 8, 2010


Lamy Pen Tutorial

October 23, 2009

Wow I didn’t know the nibs were changeable.. if only they had a proper Lamy stand in a decent bookstore (not even Kinokuniya!) that also distributes nibs, converters and etc. At least Noodler’s ink has appeared in Aesthetic Bay.

little squares..

October 12, 2009


….more women…

I’ve had an artistic fixation on women/girl subjects since I was a kid, couldn’t help but produce another set of cubes with femmes in them, a set of 3 each. One’s a continuous piece, another’s thematic idea of the three witches of lore.. we get the blue brunette harajuku queen, the platinum blonde 50s bombshell, and the cinnabar redhead Isis of Egyptian myth and culture.

Here’s the continuous piece, I made a split up version to show how it would look as its own, sectionally.



the remaining three of the evils

September 28, 2009

see no evil

say no evil

hear no evil

I think by the time you guys got the idea.

brush pen archive/review

September 25, 2009

something to get for a broad variety:

and to change my spoiling water brush pens with:

three wise monkeys

September 24, 2009

see say hear no evil

6in x 9in

Say no evil; See no evil; Hear no evil

There are other 3in x 3in tiles as well, 3 that have not been scanned in. Each of that individual tile represents one of the “three wise monkeys” idiom. Technically I did 9 3in x 3in tiles, and the one featured here has not been sliced up yet.

and a find about bass guitarists while I was sick

gashhf ma dhnose *leaky sinus*

September 9, 2009

“gah my nose”

a drawing unrelated to this, i give you someone for you to stare back at meantime i am sick. and so is my scanner, but the trusty 2MP cameraphone never fails to capture something in its indie essence.. or whatever.

fret not i’ll keep posting soon and keep you all posted too. fun projects off work and at work will keep me at bay but sickness calls for a fight first.

happy zytecing!


here are the latest things that will inspire me as i sleep:
they are all too lovely not to resist .

and one for the road