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Annabella Goh

pseudonyms: nna, anna, bella goh

online handles: neonpeony, voodoocharm, nnasty

born in singapore, raised in singapore, educated in singapore, working in singapore

has graduated from a digital media design school in 2009, batch 2006. took “animation” as a specialisation only to take 3D modules, but decides to stay rooted. although zbrush and mudbox turns her sculpting crank on.

specialises in 2D mediums – illustration, graphic, and concept art. dabbles in sorcery of flouting civic property laws (graffiti, or sometimes, some places, called “street art”, “vandalism”, “free art”).

drop me a mail if you just want to say hello, or get commissions done

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  1. Amiaffe permalink
    June 19, 2010 2:22 pm

    hey, i somehow lost you on the chat, anyway, it was nice meating you and i am a big fan of your art, my skype contact is amiaffe, in case you wanna ad me,
    if not, thts ok too:)
    it was nice talking to you


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