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September 6, 2009

sEX Libris

during Sept OIC there was a random incident that happened, and was announced when I went off for a break and I came back wondering why a black book was sitting on a chair.

So Fredrick (did I spell his name right?) requested Mike that he would like to purchase “portraits” of his publication, The Idea Book (currently blank but with text inside it, haven’t had the opportunity to read that book).

So I drew an Ex Libris inspired artwork.. Bookplates of the past used to grace the first page of books, and I like to think of it as an avatar of the book’s owner/spirit.
This will be my variation of the Ex Libris: teh sEX LIBRIS, lolz. I like nymphy babes with confident sass of a Suicidegirl model…… because Z showed me his downloaded “pron”.. of the Suicidegirls. I really have no awesome sense of posing and this doodling was ultimately random and spontanously unintended, part of the subliminal cortex of the brain I daresay.

i am immensely inspired by the art of Ex Libris bookplates of antiquity and some art noveau stuff.

Hope you like this poorly taken picture, was shot with my crappy camera phone. It had to be taken before it got sent off to Mike. If it is selected, I hope to get a nice scan/or an extra opportunity to fine-tune or embellish it. Love the idea of drawing “portraits of a book”. Keep your fingers crossed too kekeke ^^


it’s been a long time

September 3, 2009

b/w painting self-imaginatory lighting study. no ref ued.. just seeing if i still got my gears cranking.


looks like it is high time for actual study work! *grinds*

cheap as it sounds, but this is also dedicated to a friend Z who always tells me not to be a loser and reminds me to exercise some reselience and discipline with my craft. my first almost modest serious painting man! in a long time again, man.

fantasy gender role switching

September 1, 2009


The blog post title sounds innocuously risque.. but it is not!

1. The hookah-smoking Caterpillar of Alice in the Wonderland as a Chang’e inspired refernce.

2. 50’s do chambermaid who will “grant your every wish” after you rub her lamp.

3. Hungry Frog Prince donning a long Lady Gaga wig and pink gloves that beheave like a tongue.. not really. Even girls donned in fat toad clothing have to eat – it has to look gorgeously pink and sparkly.

kiss me now edit

August 28, 2009


definitely less red, and the colors feel less blocked/more balanced.

this one makes more sense, has a little bit more green to show how froggy it is 😛


August 28, 2009


brush and pencil

a zexy doodle.

August 24, 2009


a stylevolution of adrians….. and ME!

August 6, 2009