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my latest inspirations

July 17, 2009

Carlos Meglia (of Superman: Infinite City) (

Alex Nino (of the Dark Suns of Gruaga) (

Eric Powell (of The Goon) (

Shane Glines (of Gotham Girls) (

JM Burns (of Modesty Blaise) (

Jim Holdaway (another crew on Modesty Blaise) (

Claire Wendling (if you dont know her, aff euu, lol) (

Wolf Erlbruch (alright, eff myself, i just discovered his work. Guess which popular artist draws inspiration from his work?) (

Jim Steranko (another new find, his b/w balance is beautiful) (

Robert Valley (I bet Katsuya Terada digs this too) (

I have to get as high… I meant that trancendary stage of “feeling it” and you can’t stop.

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  1. December 8, 2009 7:36 pm

    if you haven’t, check out Skottie Young and Chris Sanders.

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